Click on the on/lock button and by default you are going to be shown the most fundamental of your seven HTC Sense-flavoured Android dwelling displays. From the box, this includes a clock and weather widget on top, and icons for email, messaging, the web and the camera program.

You could also see one of those Gratia’s neat small visual hints — showing you the weather by producing clouds, raindrops or so on in your display for a few minutes before clearing away the effect away to some more standard perspective.

In the bottom lies the constant and curvaceous HTC Sense UI heartbeat, showing your current location within the length of home displays with a modest light-grey pub on the sweeping mound of darker gray.

Under this, sitting dead center and touching the underside border of the screen, is all-important Phone nubbin, which can be your center for dialling out to the entire world.

Swipe left and you’re going to see a new Home display holding a widget to your email. Can it and you will see a widget to get text messages along with a webpage given over only to telling you exactly what the weather is performing. Going directly from the principal display shows a favourites pane, information feed plus a single empty space to adhere anything you fancy inside.

Scrolling back and forth such as this will give yet another treat for cautious observers — that the colour-shifting HTC Sense Live background. The equilibrium shifts from reddish on the far right to purple in the other end of the Home display spectrum.

Obviously, there are also a number of normal backgrounds if you would rather maintain your expertise more constant.

You are not restricted to scrolling to browse the Gratia, however — pinching on almost any Home display reveals your assortment of displays in an exploded view, known as Leap View, and by that you can just tap to jump directly to whichever one you desire.

There is one final UI attribute to consider: the notifications pub. This sits on peak of the display, displaying essential details like the time, your battery’s present amount of charge along with your sign.

As its name suggests, in addition, it informs you of events — like messages you have received, or when the Gratia’s linked to your PC — using small icons. You are able to pull down the bar with a finger, showing more in depth info in a listing. If this has whetted your appetite, then it is possible to poke the entrance to whisk you into the appropriate app.

Even though the Sense UI itself remains continuous, all of the Home screen designs we have mentioned here is customised for your heart’s content with programs and widgets of your choice. Additionally, if you crave some other operation not supplied with all the Gratia, there is always the Android Marketplace where to acquire new programs to fill the emptiness.

When you have made changes, you can save your custom designs as scenes, which means that you can envision between profiles for weekend and work usage, for instance.

The context-sensitive Menu crucial is wherever your choices for tweaking the Gratia and its own programs reside. Press it onto any Home display to change backgrounds, scenes, program and widget designs, and also to get the Settings program, which can be comprehensive. In the same way, touching it inside a program will summon some ideal alternatives.

As we have mentioned before, like in our HTC Desire HD inspection, HTC Sense will create for a pleasingly fluid expertise in general usage, and also the Gratia’s no exception, despite its own below-average processor clockspeed.

It is snappy to reply to your signature, and fast to load into programs. So while on paper that the chip is punching below its weight, there is very little indication of this in navigation.

While all this might seem complex, the Gratia’s mix of Sense and Android can also be pleasingly straightforward to get to grips with, even though it is going to take you some time to master all of the configurations.

What is more, there is also a setup wizard for getting connected on the internet and connecting your telephone to your social networking accounts — just everything you need when you are having to grips with this kind of multifaceted hardware.